Three stone lighter in as many months...

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Lifestyle change going really well for Mel

Three stone lighter in as many months…

If you’re considering taking steps towards a fitter, healthier and happier lifestyle – July is a great time to get signed up at your nearest Places Leisure Centre. Our free five day passes give you a chance to try before you buy – still looking for motivation…? Mel’s story shows just what can be done is as little as three months…

With no exercise plan in place and a diet that consisted of eating what she wanted when she wanted, Mel noticed her weight steadily increasing throughout the year.

Mel said:

“I hated having to wear size 14 trousers, but the final straw was when a friend asked me if I was pregnant - I knew it was time to make a change. So in January, I kept my resolution to hit the gym at Melksham Blue Pool.”

Ryan – Personal Trainer at Melksham Blue Pool was quick to get Mel set on her fitness journey by putting together a challenging, but manageable programme, backed up with a personal training session. Core exercises have also been added in recently allowing Mel to become reacquainted with her abs!

Staying motivated can be tough and Mel was happy to share the secret of her success saying:

“No matter how much I moan – all the staff at Melksham Blue Pool are really supportive which helps me get to the end of my workout. Seeing the numbers getting smaller on the scales gets me though the difficult days, and my comparison photos are a real reminder of just how far I’ve come. Rather than hiding my body, I’m now quite enjoying showing it off!”

Mel has really stuck to her programme and has reached her goal - dropping three stone in six months, but she’s not stopping there... Having been bitten by the fitness bug, Mel’s committed to continuing her workouts to see what else she can achieve.

Mel has some words of wisdom for anyone considering a fitter and healthier life adding:

“When I started my journey I never in a million years thought I’d be asked to share my story so that it could inspire someone else. For anyone who’s thinking about getting fitter or wants to shift some weight, my advice is to just do it! It can seem daunting walking into a gym for the first time, but you quickly realise it’s a friendly, supportive environment and although not always ‘fun’ at the time, the feeling of pride after completing a workout always makes it worthwhile.”

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