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This Girl Can

Most of us have seen the ‘This Girl Can’ inspirational videos and images of women taking part in a wide range of activities and sports. If you haven’t, check out some of them below. But now you have made the decision to get more active where do you start?

We fully believe ‘This Girl Can’ so have put together this guide to the activities at our Centre that offer a great starting point to any girls who want to be more active. All of the activities have been selected by Samantha our Group Exercise Co-ordinator, Personal Trainer and Nutritional expert.

So once you have decided which session is best for you, give us a call on 01403 211311 to book your space. All of our instructors are friendly and helpful so just introduce yourself when you arrive and let them know it’s your first time so they can show you the ropes.

  • Tuesdays 10.30am – 11.25am with Linda

Pilates is a great starting point for any of our relaxation classes. Pilates will strengthen your body through controlled movements, is great for toning and is well known to help people suffering with back problems. The pace of this class is slow and allows you plenty of time to perfect each movement and get the most of the session.

  • Mondays 9.30am – 10.15am with Kat
  • Thursdays 6.15pm – 7.00pm with Kat
  • Fridays 9.15am – 10.00am with Kat

Zumba is the world famous dance class that is a real workout party!  It’s fun and lively with great music and moves.  Yes it requires a little co-ordination but the steps are pretty easy and within a few sessions you’ll be well on your way to being a Zumba pro.

Indoor Cycling
  • Tuesdays 6.45pm – 7.30pm with Carly
  • Wednesdays 9.30am – 10.15am with Maria
  • Thursdays 7.10am – 7.55am with Becky
  • Fridays 9.15am – 10.00am with Carly

People always say to us “no way, that’s too hard” but really this is a great class to start with as the speed and resistance is controlled by you, meaning you can make it as easy, or hard, as you like.   Arrive a little early for your class and the instructor will show you how to set the bike.  Within a few sessions you’ll be racing around like Laura Trott.

Body Pump
  • Mondays 6.05pm – 6.50pm with Sam
  • Fridays 10.05am – 11.00am with Sam

Body Pump is the world renowned strength class that helps you to lose weight and people are always keen to give it a go.  We run a lot of classes across the week but the 2 we have identified here are good places to start as they are slightly quieter, have a female instructor and have plenty of time either before or after the class to ask questions and have a chat.  Make sure you arrive in plenty of time as there is equipment to set up.  If you start by grabbing a step, mat, barbell and clips from the equipment cupboard and the instructor will guide you on what weights to start with. If in doubt start by copying what everyone else gets out and be sure to tell the instructor it’s your first time so they can guide you on technique.

  • Thursdays 7.05pm – 7.35pm with Jordan

Don’t be put off by the idea of heavy weights.  Kettlebells is a great introduction to strength based exercise for 2 main reasons.  Firstly there is no choreography to learn and secondly it’s only a 30 minute class so it will be over before you know it.   Jordan will take you through the basics starting with the smaller weights and you can build it up from there.

So that’s our best advice for getting started. Don’t be put off trying our other classes, all of our instructors are used to new participants, so if you’d prefer a different class, go for it. Just let the instructor know that you are new so they can guide you in the first session and make sure you get the best experience on your first go.

This Girl Can

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