Ciaran's inspiring journey with Asthma

From 1 length of the pool to 2860 lengths in 18 months.

Ciaran's remarkable journey from 1 length of the pool to 2860 lengths in 18 months.

Ciaran is an 11 year old boy with a remarkable attitude. At the age of 4 ½ years after contracting a chest infection he was struggling to breathe and was rushed to hospital where he was diagnosed with Asthma. From that point he was dependant on medication to manage his condition. He was still an active boy, enjoying playing football, but would need to use his inhaler and would get breathless.

In 2014 he began school swimming lessons. His parents also enrolled him into Swimming Lessons with Places for People Leisure to support his development. As an Asthmatic his biggest challenge was to control his breathing.  In February 2016 Ciaran mastered a full length of the pool without stopping. Later he was introduced to SwimTag (wearable technology that helps you track your swim and take on challenges).

Ciaran was hooked and began a 35.18km Channel Swim, within 2 months he had raised £705 for Wiltshire Air Ambulance, completing his final lengths accompanied by Paralympic Gold Medal Winner Stephanie Millward. This year, to show his gratitude for Steph, who has Multiple Sclerosis, he has completed a Loch Ness Challenge 36.33km and raised £500 for the MS Society.

In 18 months he has progressed from a full length of the pool without stopping to swimming over 2860 lengths of a 25 metre pool for 2 fundraising challenges. Ciaran’s teachers and parents are very proud of him, he’s extremely modest of his achievements but has inspired at least 3 other people to undertake similar fundraising challenges. More importantly however is the impact regular swimming has had on his daily life, his stamina has improved and in turn lessened the impact of his Asthma. 

Are you inspired by Ciaran's story?

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