The new sugar tax

Making healthier choices at our centres just got easier!

Making healthier choices at our centres just got easier!

At Places for People Leisure, we are always keen to provide our members and customers with healthy options and to guide them in living healthier lifestyles. That why, as of April 1st, the vending machines at our centres now stock only low or zero sugar drinks – those that are exempt from the government’s recently implemented Soft Drinks Industry Levy.

With obesity becoming a serious national concern, ‘sugar tax’ was brought in at the start of April 2018 and is payable on all soft drinks containing over 5g of sugar per 100ml. The hope is that the increased cost will encourage people to buy fewer sugary drinks, and therefore consume less sugar. It is considered to be one of the biggest pieces of health legislation in recent memory.

To ensure we offer only drinks that are under the sugar tax threshold we have ceased selling some full sugar drinks products. However, their no sugar/sugar free versions are still available.

Healthy drinks options are also available at our cafes, such as:

• Great tasting, 100% natural fruit and vegetable smoothies, which can be made with added apple juice or water.
• Sugar free Slush Puppies.
• Semi skimmed, skimmed and soya milk.

We are looking to develop healthier food choices in our cafes too – fresh fruit is always available and the lowest priced item, and items in our ‘Grab and go’ range have at least one green and NO red traffic lights.

Enjoy your refreshments with confidence!