Congratulations Erin and Liesel!

Swimmer & gymnast of the year 2022

After a challenging 2022 we wanted to round the year off with some good news stories. We asked all of our Swimming and Gymnastics Teachers to nominate those distinctive, very special people who deserved a bit of recognition.

They were asked to identify swimmers and gymnasts on our lesson programmes (children and adults) who have displayed positive attitudes, unyielding determination or, have put in efforts over and above their peers.  They may have overcome personal adversity or achieved something unexpected or challenging. 

Erin Bridge - Andover Leisure Centre's swimmer of the year 2022!
Erin swim with me on Tuesdays in our duckling class.
When I took over teaching Tuesdays, she used to cry every time we left the wall to kick our legs and now, we have no tears and can even swim over without me being nearby and started to put her eyes in.
Erin confidence has also grown. I am so proud of her determination she has shown.
Well done Erin! 
Liesel Sintim Aboagye - Andover Leisure Centre's gymnast of the year 2022!
Liesel joined gymnastics in January 2022 when the class started back from COVID. She has a keen attitude towards learning new skills and perfecting existing techniques. Liesel has great attendance, always arrives with a smile across her face, eager to participate.
It's a pleasure to watch Liesel progress individually as a gymnast and blend well with her peers.