Mixing up your workouts in the gym

How to mix up your workouts in the gym and stay motivated 

Bored of turning up to your workout with the same old routine? Want to stay motivated by trying new things?


Then help is at hand! We’ve provided a few workout tips that provide an effective all body workout.




You can do a circuit workout with a personal trainer or you could even create your own in the gym. Circuits allow short intense exercises condensed into sets, they provide an effective all body workout! Shape magazine said circuits get maximum results in minimum time and help deter gym boredom. We’ve created a quick one you can try in our gym, using a mixture of equipment and muscle types, repeat three times:


  • 30 second battle rope
  • 10 TRX rows
  • 10 slam balls
  • 20 box jumps
  • 30 second plank




Classes are a popular way of maintaining your fitness levels in a fun group environment. Some of our centres offer intense workout classes that include, Bodypump, virtual cycling, Bodycombat, team beats and much more.


Some centres also provide a whole range of different low intensity classes that include the more familiar classes such as Yoga and Pilates and unusual classes including seated cheerleading and aqua aerobics.


Cardio doesn’t have to be boring


Our health and wellbeing centres provide a whole range of ways to get your cardio in for the day! It’s widely suggested that you should be doing 30 minutes of moderate exercise per day, but that doesn’t have to be on the treadmill!


You can do cardio workouts on our battle ropes, circuits, pool (some centres,) skill-mills, studio classes and much more!


Supersets and dropsets


If weight-based workouts are more your thing, these workout variations are a great way of mixing up your workout:


Supersets: A superset is two exercises followed by another with minimal rest time. For example, if you were doing a leg workout in the gym you could do some squats straight after some lunges.


Dropsets: These are two successive sets of the same exercise with a lighter weight following a heavy weight. They increase muscle fatigue and require more work on the muscle you are training.


Don’t be afraid to try new machines


Have you ever walked past one of our machines in the gym but not tried it because you don’t know how to use it? Whether it’s the skill-mill, lat pull down machine or even the cables. Don’t hesitate to ask one our gym staff and they will be happy to show you. It is so important to mix up your workouts to retain motivation and make genuine improvements over time.


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