Aqua Fit is my life line

Read about member Glynis who suffers from Lipoedema

Aquafit classes are my lifeline to a better quality of life

Gynis Coley is 60 years old and suffers from Lipoedema, she is keen to raise awareness of this condition, that effects over 10,000 women in the UK. The opening of the temporary swimming pool in Andover has allowed her to continue her exercise regime, which helps to provide her with a better quality of life.

Glynis said “My daughter took me to sign up for swimming at the Leisure Centre when we moved to Andover and I sat outside in the car park twice before actually having the courage to walk through the doors to attend my first class.  I have since found that the Aqua Fit classes are my life line to a better quality of life, as I am then able to walk better. I also attend Steady and Strong which helps with my balance. I have met some amazing people through my membership at the Leisure Centre especially the Instructor Tracie who has been very supportive of my condition and non judgemental”.

When Glynis was a young teenager in South Africa she was told that she had a genetic disorder, this being the reason for her abnormal legs. Her condition got worse through each of her four pregnancies and finally in menopause. It was only at the beginning of last year she received an official diagnosis at the St. George's Hospital in London under Professor Mortimer who is an expert in a rare condition called Lipoedema.

Lipoedema is an adipose fat tissue disorder usually passed down to females through the genes. Affected area’s of the body, can bruise easily and ache and be painful and tender and some people suffer from fluid retention in their legs. The combination of these symptoms can lead to reduced mobility*.

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*Source of Lipoedema symptoms: NHS Choices