Five benefits of personal training

More than just a motivator!

1: Motivation

 There’s nothing better than having partner in the gym. A personal trainer will not only become a great friend but will also be an amazing motivator. Motivation is a vital component in achieving whatever you want in the gym, what better motivator then a qualified personal trainer to guide you through your fitness journey.

 2: Faster Results

 Fast results is a term often carelessly thrown about in the fitness world. But our Knightwood based personal trainer Ed Burton ensures that the guidance of a trainer will provide desired results quicker. He said:

“A PT will know what exercises suit your body type best, therefore they will create a tailored exercise plan to suit you and get results quicker."

3:Reduce the risk of injury

Injuries are a huge risk in the gym. A surprising study by The Independent in early 2018 found out that the piece of equipment that causes more injuries than any other in the gym is the treadmill. The injuries can be caused by: falling off the treadmill, shin splints from regular use and a lack of warm up. A personal trainer can guide you through each element of your routine, to ensure the risk of injury is minimised.


Our team will constantly change workouts for their clients to ensure each customer is trying different exercises that suit them. 24-year-old Burton, who has a years personal training experience also said:

"Varied workouts are vitally important in staying focused and getting positive results, personal trainers will mix up the type of exercise, rep range and set range."

5:  Help maintain correct form/technique   

The correct form when exercising is vitally important whether you want to build muscle, tone or lose weight. Having a Personal Trainer beside you to demonstrate the movement will not only reduce the risk of injury but will also mean you will be getting the most out of your specific exercise. Our Places Leisure personal trainers ensure clients are performing exercises correctly and efficiently, in order to maximise results.

Our dedicated personal trainers at Places Leisure provide bespoke fitness plans to suit your fitness needs. Whether you want to get in shape for summer, build muscle over winter or shed a few pounds for the New Year our team will ensure you gain the optimum gym experience.

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