An introduction to Swimtag

Did you know that premium members get swimtag FREE as part of membership?

An introduction to Swimtag..

Did you know as a member with us you get access to swimtag? If swimming is your regular fitness habit and your getting #backtoit this Autumn then let us know!

Swimtag is the latest wearable technology that helps you track your swim activity. You can enter challenges and competitions to compete against other swimmers or your own personal best.


What is it?

Swimtag is a handy digital tool that helps you swim faster, further or longer. Pop a small electronic band on your wrist and track your swim.

The handy technology can do the following:

  • Track calories
  • Track distance
  • Measure speed
  • Stroke rate

Why is it beneficial?

SWIMTAG keeps you up to date with your progress and achievements; it will notify you of your new personal best as well as competitions and challenges. 

It is a great way of measuring your progress over a period of time, whether that be an increase in speed, distance or stroke.

Who can use it?

Swimtag is FREE to all premium members. The technology is great to use in all Just Swim sessions and Just Swim Lengths sessions.

It is perfect for beginners wishing to improve a stroke type or all you expert swimmers out there who may even swim competitively.

How can I get the most out of it? 

You can link your Swimtag technology to our Places Locker app and track your progress. The app allows you to measure your movement each day to ensure you are maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle.

Are you getting #backtoit after a summer off? Let us know your fitness habit and we’ll share it!

Ready to get started on Swimtag? Contact reception to find out more!

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