Learning to Swim

Life Skills

Learning to Swim

Learning to swim is an essential life skill. 

If you can swim you can enjoy all of the exciting activities that the water has to offer.

Swimming gives you confidence, life skills and is a great form of exercise.

We offer lessons for all ages and all of our lessons are taught by qualified teachers. We work to the National Governing Body for Swimming’s (ASA) Learn to Swim Pathway in all of our sessions.

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How will my child benefit?

Swimming can bring many benefits for your child including:

•    Lots of fun for your child on a weekly basis
•    Keeps your child's heart and lungs healthy
•    Improving their strength and flexibility
•    Increasing their stamina, balance and posture
•    Providing challenges for your child
•    Rewarding accomplishment, helping your child to become self-confident
•    Providing opportunities for your child to make friends and grow in confidence

For more information on the benefits of swimming, visit the Swim England website.

How can I monitor their progress?

Our Home Portal allows you to track your child's progress during their lessons on a regular basis, giving your child a percentage score within that stage. This is included in the price of your direct debit, allowing you to understand your child's progression within each stage

What options are there following swimming lessons?

Even when your child has progressed through our stages on the Swim Scheme, there are still many different exit routes for your child. Not only this, our Swimming Teachers are able to judge and guide your child into any alternative routes following their swimming lessons such as Water Polo, Rookie Lifeguarding, Diving and Synchronised Swimming as part of the Stage 8,9,10 lessons