Open water swimming

Improve your overall health & wellbeing

Open Water Swimming has been around for… well… since bodies of water and humans both mutually graced the earth!

But it has recently become a bit of a trend. Open water swimming, wild swimming, whatever you want to call it, people have recently become aware of the fantastic benefits it has to offer and we want to share them with you too!

Better sleep – health advocates and marathon runners alike have shouted about the benefits of cold showers and ice baths for years, and open water swimming does similar things. One of the hormones released when swimming in open water is called prolactin, scientifically proven to improve sleep quality.

Boosts the immune system – you know the initial feeling of shock you get when you jump into cold water? Your body reacts to this by producing more white blood cells to counteract the attack – improving your immune system greatly overtime.

Increased moods – outdoor swimming also stimulates the increase of feel-good endorphins, including a boost in dopamine and serotonin levels. You will leave the water feeling refreshed and uplifted almost instantly!

Physical workout – yes, you heard right. Open water swimming utilises every muscle in the body – the colder water the better! Not only does it tone muscles, build endurance, and improve heart and lung function, but it helps you recover physically and mentally too.

Managing long term health conditions – along with boosting the immune system, open water swimming also improves other defensive responses to damage, reducing the risk of cancer, neurological disorders, and chronic respiratory disease. Mental health conditions can also be minimised because of all the above!

Now the summer season has arrived, there’s no better time than to adopt open water swimming as your new favourite, health benefitting hobby. Don’t just take our word for it - scroll down below to find our nearest outdoor swimming locations – and don’t just limit it to the hot summer months!

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