My sweaty social network

5 huge benefits of working out with others

Look, we know it’s hard to motivate yourself to get active and stay that way. As a wise man* once said: “If it wasn’t hard, everyone would do it. It’s the hard that makes it great.”

But there are ways to make it seem easier, so if you’re making more excuses than MOVEs, it’s time to find a social network of workout buddies who will motivate, inspire and drag you kicking and screaming to your workout session if needed.

Your network can take many forms – we explore a few below – but all share powerful benefits. Read on to learn more!

1: Enjoyment: Firstly, and probably most importantly, exercising with others more is fun! Being with mates means that any workout, whether it’s a run, class or gym session, becomes less of a chore and more of a social event. It’s a chance to catch up, but also to compare training notes and progress with people who won’t doze off listening to your fitness tracker app stats.

2: Comradery: Can’t convince a friend to buddy up? Don’t worry, you can find a ready-made network and get the same social and motivational benefits from group exercise. Working out together creates a strange kind of chemistry that bonds everyone involved – so even if you didn’t know the group at the start of the session, you’ll walk out with a new bunch of mates! Classes range from low impact to the more intense, so there’s something to suit everyone. Contact your local Active Place to see what classes it offers.

3: Commitment: Arranging to workout with someone or being a regular class attendee makes you accountable – you will definitely think twice about cancelling a session if you know people are expecting you to be there.

4: Financial: Don’t forget, when members refer friends, both parties get rewarded! Ask your local #ActivePlace about their referral offer.

5: Success: Exercising with a partner has been proven to help you succeed in your fitness goals. Studies have shown that you get competitive and put in more effort, sometimes working out twice as hard and long than you would do on your own.


Fancy an expert buddy to magnify that success? Try PT! Personal Trainers basically live and breathe to help you set and achieve your fitness goals. As Adriana Collins from Dorking Leisure Centre explains:

“After losing 5kg through dieting and moderate exercise, I decided to look into personal training to get fitter and to gain muscle while I was losing weight.

“James has a no-nonsense approach. “I can’t do it” is simply not an option for him. He is strict and yes, you will work hard in every session. But he also keeps you motivated and gives you great guidance as to how to perform the exercises correctly. He tailors workouts to your abilities and preferences.

“I am so grateful to James for his guidance and discipline.”


Need some of that PT magic? Speak to the fitness team at your local Active Place – they’d love to help you succeed.



*OK, it was Tom Hanks in ‘A League of Their Own’.