Splashing and smiling!

Casual Swimming

Temperatures are starting to rise, so if you’re looking for a refreshing way to get active and have fun, it’s time to take the plunge! Here are some reasons why swimming is one of the best activities, whatever your reason for diving in.

It’s suitable for everyone, regardless of age, weight, fitness level or physical ability*. Swimming is pretty unique in that it’s a sport you can do throughout your lifetime and at all stages of health - you won't need to "retire" as you age, if you’re pregnant or injured. In fact, the support of the water makes swimming low impact and easy on the joints - perfect if you’re hoping to build or rebuild strength.

So even if you haven’t been in the pool for years, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t dip your toe back into the water for some fun, to regain water confidence for a holiday or for exercise.


It’s not just about counting lengths! When was the last time you saw a child swimming up and down (other than in lessons)? Never! Jumping and diving in, splashing about with friends, ducking down to pick up dive sticks or another object, underwater handstands… Kids have got it right!

Of course you can take it easy too – try floating on your back or just push off the edge and glide through the water to get a wonderful feeling of tranquility and weightlessness. Bliss!

It’s a great family activity. Because swimming is appropriate for everybody and loads of fun, it follows that it’s the perfect way to spend some quality time with the whole family. Time flies and kids grow up too fast, which is why it’s so important to make fun, happy memories with them while you can. Swim England’s #LoveSwimming video captures the fleeting nature of childhood brilliantly – and the fun that you can have together in the pool.   


Gentle or intense exercise – you choose. If you do decide to get in some lengths too, swimming offers a full body workout no matter how fast you swim or which stroke you use. Propelling your body through the water tones and builds lean muscle mass, while working your heart and lungs. As long as you push yourself a bit to get out of breath, swimming torches an average of 400 calories (1000 MOVEs) per hour, helping with weight loss and control.

It’s great for all-round health and wellbeing. Regular swimming lowers blood pressure and reduces the risk of chronic illnesses like heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes. It’s a winner for mental health, reducing stress and helping fight off anxiety and depression as well as building confidence and self-esteem. Is there anything it can’t do?!


It’s never too early – or too late – to start reaping the many benefits of swimming, so contact your local Places for People Leisure Centre to find out where and when you can make a splash.

Our adult lessons can help you improve your technique or water skills. Plus all Places Members (including pay-as-you-go) get FREE use of Swimtag, swim tracking technology that counts your lengths, and lets you set targets and join challenges.

Go on, get in the swim!