It’s official: it’s better to make resolution-style life changes in September rather than New Year. This seems even more true in terms of making positive health, fitness and wellbeing changes and here’s why:

Firstly, just think of how busy you are at Christmas and New Year – by January you are frazzled and in no fit state to maintain, well, a new fit state. Whereas in September, you are likely to be refreshed after a summer holiday, buoyed up by increased amounts of sunshine and in a better place mentally to make a change for the better.

Talking of mental states, even if you don’t actually suffer from Seasonal Affect Disorder (SAD), we all know how much harder it is to get going in the winter months when the evenings are dark and cold – and the sofa is warm and inviting. Increasing your activity levels now will help you to fight off the winter blues by raising your serotonin levels (your brain’s feelgood chemical), plus you’ll have three months under your belt already when the deep dark winter really bites, making it less likely that you’ll fall by the wayside.

September is also good for new starts because of its strong association with the start of the school year. Years of education have ingrained in you the idea that, come September, you are ready to set new goals and commit to some serious effort – a ‘new academic year’s resolution’.

For parents, September often brings new opportunity too, as their daily pattern changes. Whether your child has started formal schooling for the first time, or simply a new after school club, any shift in your routine can be the chance to introduce the recommended 30 minutes of activity (or 750-999 MOVEs) into your day.

So, make the most of what September has to offer and try these 3 simple ways to #MoveMore:

  • On National Fitness Day (26 Sept), join the nation as they get moving, try new activities and find ways to introduce more activity into their day. Our centres have loads of FREE activities to help you find out what moves you so that you’ll want to make it part of your life. Find out what is running near you.
  • Make the most of the last few weeks of warm(ish) weather and light evenings by walking or running outdoors. If you’re new to running, try the NHS Couch to 5k app, which now uses some famous voices to keep you company as you go.
  • Swim the distance of the Channel over 12 weeks with the Aspire Swim Challenge. Whether on your own or in a team, the challenge is achievable for all ages and fitness levels and lets you take on the 22 miles in your own time! Find out how you can track it with SWIMTAG for free.

Don’t forget: all our members (including pay as you go) get free access to the Places Locker app, where you can track all your MOVEs from all your activities and see your progress – find out more or join today here.

With NO joining fee for the whole month, there’s no better time than September to commit to a new routine, or reboot an old one – steal a march on those January Turkey Burners and get active today!