Crazy Fitness Fads

April Fools!

Fitness fads are getting so ridiculous these days it makes spotting April Fool’s harder than ever. On the flip side, looking back into history you could also argue that they are just as crazy as ever! As April Fools day is just around the corner, we have decided to celebrate by researching the craziest of fitness fads. But beware - we may have mixed some fake in with the crazy. Can you be fooled?

Electric shock toning belts

Originally designed to keep muscles from wasting away in situations where a limb must be immobilised – many companies that claim these belts also burn fat. The belt provides a small level of stimulation to abdominal muscles, effectively keeping them active while you are not. Any amount of stimulation has the potential to produce results so it’s a case of anything is better than nothing, right?

Gas mask training

Wearing gas masks while exercising may have been used by soldiers and firefighters in their training, but now hardcore exercisers have adopted this type of training. Gas masks restrict oxygen intake, simulating an extreme version of high-altitude exercise. Benefits include better lung capacity and the body producing more blood cells to allow functioning under this level of stress.

Morning raving

Ravers are invited to the healthiest global festival in the world. The festival offers energising music, visual entertainment, massages, organic coffee, smoothie bars and personal motivation from cheer leading trained performers. Oh, there is also no alcohol being served and the festival begins early in the morning!

Dumbbell cutlery

An idea born in the US from frustration in diets, dumbbell cutlery was designed for those who just couldn’t get on board with healthy diets. Weights up to 5kg with inbuilt forks, knives and spoons to take away that guilty feeling by making each bite harder work. The spoon always being the heaviest of the set as a spoonful may warrant that extra work!

Anti-Gravity treadmills

Anti-Gravity rehab has been introduced for patients recovering from various injuries ranging from muscle strains to joint replacements. The lower half of your body is submersed into a 0-gravity device which can take your body weight down from anywhere between 100% and 200%. It allows patients to recover and improve at a much faster rate with minimal stress on the body and injury.

Karaoke spin

Popular in the US, Karaoke spin classes offer the concept of having fun while exercising. With the idea that time flies when you’re having fun, you pedal in sync to a customised mix while belting out your favourite tunes – what multitasking! Benefits of these classes include helping you to how to control your breathing while exercising

Horse Yoga

Following on from exercise involving animals such as dogs, cats and goats – horse yoga is the latest fad in the fitness world. The practice claims to improve core stability and balance while creating a unique bond and connection with the majestic animal and nature that surrounds you. From reducing stress and loneliness to boosting mental stimulation the benefits are endless!

Virtual reality weight lifting

Taking the combination of fitness and gaming to the next level! Games that use cable machines while wearing VR headsets are big news these days. Chest presses become your best defence against enemies in a virtual area! The difficulty of the games is set by the resistance of the weights to help you progress through the game and in real life.