Beat the odds

Stay on top of your resolutions

Beating the resolutions odds

In January’s blog we gave you some tips to help make your resolutions stick. But if your willpower is weakening don’t worry, you’re not alone - 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail by the second week of February. In other words, most people fall out of love with their good intentions before Valentine’s Day.

But don’t break up just yet! These tactics will help you refocus and get your resolution relationship back on track. Beat the odds and be one of the successful 20%!

Stay positive: Beating yourself up won’t achieve anything, so focus on what you have achieved, not what you haven’t. Write down 3 things that you accomplished and use them to re-inspire you.

Work out why you want to work out: First, think back to what made you want to get active in the first place. Do you want to get your pre-baby body back? Are you training for your first 5k, or even a spring marathon for charity? Has your doctor suggested you lower your cholesterol, or to manage an illness through exercise like Glynis at Andover pool? (Perhaps you just want to win £1000?!! – see our app challenge.)

Now find something that represents your goal – your favourite photo of yourself before kids, your race number or marathon sponsorship form, your doctor’s referral letter – and put it somewhere you’ll see every day to remind yourself why you’re getting active.


Buddy up: Let’s be honest, we’ve all skipped the odd workout when we didn’t feel like it. But if you find you’re making excuse after excuse not to get active, commit to exercising with a friend. Being accountable to someone will make you think twice about cancelling a session and will help you succeed in your fitness goals – it’s also more fun!

Group exercise offers the same social and motivational benefits. There’s a wide range of workout class options from low impact to the more intense, so there’s something to suit everyone. There are also financial benefits to teaming up to get active – when members refer friends, both parties get rewarded! Contact your local Active Place to find out more and see what classes it offers.