Stay motivated to workout this autumn!

Don’t let the crisp start of autumn drag you down into the warm comfy couch abyss! Staying active can help you fight off those winter blues and energise your days. So, pull your trainers back on and let the breeze inspire you to get out there and work those muscles!

Often it’s just about training smarter, not harder, so we’ve compiled some tips to help fit your fitness into your day and stay motivated throughout the autumn months.

Know yourself: This one is first because it’s a biggie! If you can incorporate exercise into and around your daily routine, it will become a habit that sticks. But first you need to know what works for you. Are you a morning person? Then get in an early swim, class or gym session before work or the school run. More of a night owl, or stuck inside until the kids have gone to bed? Evening sessions, classes or sports will be better for you. Our centres open early and shut late to make it possible to fit activity into your day.

Find your place: Of course, we hope you choose to workout at your local Places Leisure centre 😊, but what’s most important is that you pick somewhere you love that will help you excel with your fitness and health goals. It could be a park down the street from your house, a yoga studio or a workout app in your lounge – whatever place you’re into! Make sure the environment is one you’re comfortable in and will enjoy spending time at – if relevant, get a tour of the facilities, changing rooms, gym, pool etc. If you’re into fitness classes like yoga, pilates or cycling, check if they are included in a membership (see our Premium membership), find which package is right for you, and what other perks you might get for free, like Swimtag and Places Locker app, etc.

Buy a calendar: Once you know when and where you’re going to exercise, writing it down will commit you to doing it – having your goals and workouts visible can help you to keep your schedule in check and up to date. Add your rest days, and what nights you plan on running to a park or cycling to work instead of going to the gym, so you can see it all in one place and how fitness is part of your wider life picture.

Meal prep: If you’re now wondering how you’ll manage to find time for general life and chores, try some simple time-saving techniques like meal-prepping. Once you get into the habit, you won’t regret it. Write out a shopping list for the week, increasing the amount of ingredients for meals you plan to eat it multiple times – freeze some too for other weeks. Cook the majority of your meals early in the week if you can, but just find a day/night that works for you. Cut veggies, fruit, and any other snacks so you have them ready to be thrown into a bag the next morning. This will save you time and keep you on the right track to eating three healthy meals a day – as well as fuelling your workouts.

Find a buddy: If you feel like you’re flagging, this one is a big motivator when you need it! Find a BFF, relative, co-worker, or anyone who shares a similar love for health and wellness. Lean on them for advice and accountability as you move forward on your journey. Use your phone to time your group workouts, a running and BMI calculator to help shape your workouts to better match your body type, and even snap some pictures to compare your before and after results with friends and family. Schedule workouts, grab lunch, or even just meet once a week to check-in with your workout buddy to see how you both are doing. Note to self: ask about our referral scheme to make sure you and your buddy get the best deal on membership – it can save the member up to a month’s membership and the newbie won’t pay a joining fee!

However you build activity into your life this autumn, congratulate yourself for making time for your health and wellbeing – it’s a commitment you won’t regret!

Find your local Places Leisure centre here and get active with us today!